NAT DMC – Team

Generally, NAT DMC possesses a team that constitute committed, adventurous and highly experienced personnel; many of them have been in the tourism industry for over 10 years. The creative nature of our team ensures your holiday has a positive surprise element. Our success is based on our knowledge of the destinations we sell, combined with the reliability, creativity and dedication.


Soulpeace Thomas Mzee

Mr. Soulpeace is an established development practitioner and business advisory specialist with over 12 years’ post-graduate experience in the public, private and development sector. He has over 8 years’ senior management experience working with International NGOs, Banking, Tourism and Destination Management Sector with significant change results. His key competence areas include business and project financing, sales and marketing, training and capacity development, business management and as well as resources mobilization. Accordingly, he is the Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Sophia Wenseslaus Shayo

Sophia possesses a vast experience on cultural tourism and destination management support services for over 10 years. She is very endowed with customer service skills and partnership development talents including activities for coordination and supervision. She is also a Co-Director of the Company.

Ike and Nyasha Chimbandi

Ike and Nyasha Chimbandi are brand ambassadors of Noble Adventure Tanzania (NAT) DMC and well-known seasoned travellers residing in Sunny West Palm Beach Florida. They are legitimate representative of our Company in the United States of America and part of our reputable team in the globe