Booking and Travel Privacy Policy

Our Booking and Travel Privacy Policy applies to bookings from both direct end Client (s) through our designated Agents and the Clients that book direct through our “Online Booking Platform” However, all bookings shall be deemed to have been concluded in the City of Arusha, Tanzania. All our Clients are strictly advised to properly read and understand our Travel Information Portal before their arrival as it forms part of the Travel Policy of the Company.

Booking Procedures

You can submit your booking through our Online Booking Platform and by so doing implies your cordially acceptance to our Booking Terms and Conditions and as well as Travel Privacy Policy. However, on receipt of your inquiry our team will then respond immediately by issuing the Safari Program Schedule (Itinerary) together with the respective Safari Budget within 24 hours so as to establish our binding agreement upon your confirmation.

Clients Information Confidentiality

We value and appreciate Clients’ Choice and Trust in us, henceforth by booking through our Online Platform implies allowing us to access your privacy information in relation to your inquiry. We therefore 100% guarantee to exclusively keep them extremely confidential and privacy for our internal use only in relation to your Safaris and nothing else.  Short to speak, our Site is as well secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a Server and a Client – typically a Web Server (Website) and a Browser or a Mail Server and a Mail Client.

Deposit Payment

Once the Safari Program and Budget is agreed and approved then the Client (s) will be required to pay a confirmation deposit of 40% of the total Safari Budget via Bank Wire Transfer to NAT DMC LIMITED designated Bank Account as  will be provided via Tax Invoice. Depending on the size of the Safari budget, an alternative payment method through a Secured Online Payment Gateway over our Website will be provided to our Client (s) for convenience purpose.. Strictly, Client (s) are advised to ensure full payment of their Invoices sixty (60) days prior to their arrival/ departure. In the event Client (s) did reservation within sixty (60) days of departure then the entire Safari cost/budget must be paid at the time of confirmation as part of our Confirmation Compliance to our Travel Policy

Booking Amendment and Cancellation

We understand unforeseen circumstances may happens to hinder our Clients meet the Safari program Schedule which can amount to either amend or cancel completely their confirmed bookings. This is beyond the control of both of us and will attract charges whether little or severe depending on the time such changes occur. Noble Adventure Tanzania is not expected to benefits from those changes and will transparently advise its Clients any loss amounted due to such changes.

Client (s) will lose the 40% confirmation deposit if the cancellation is made and received between the booking date and sixty (60) days prior to arrival/ departure. If cancellation is made and received between 59 – 31 days prior to departure then Client (s) will lose 60% of the total Safari budget payable and if the cancellation is made and received between 30 – 0 days prior prior to arrival, it will amount for Client (s) loosing 100% of the total safari budget payable.

Inflation and Government Policy

Prices may relatively be affected due to movement of forces of demand and supply in the economy; this may cause some adverse impact to our client’s unpaid invoices before their arrival. We stand to be true and we will recommend to our Clients earlier fully payment of their confirmed bookings will make them remain unaffected with those changes throughout the confirmed travel plan.

Special Requests, Meals and Accommodation

We provide an avenue for discussion of during the planning session before confirmation.  Noble Adventure Tanzania (NAT) DMC is flexible to do changes even if Client arrives as long as Client’s changes are within the approved safari budget.

Airport Transfer and Local Transportation

The agreed Itinerary will specify all the scenario. All in all, Client will be provided with full return transfer both on arrival and during departure from the airport to Hotels/ Lodges/ Camps including the entire Safari drives specified in the itinerary. Any other unspecified movement may be subject to considerable negotiation upon arrival with the CEO.

Passports and Visas

Clients are advised to ensure their passports are valid at least six (6) months upon their arrival and must contains enough blank pages for immigration and visas stamps.   All documentations for the entry will be responsibility of the Clients upon arrival at the airport entry point. NAT DMC LIMITED shall not be held responsible for non-compliance of rules and regulation should a Client denied an entry to Tanzania.

Company Responsibilities and Disclaimer  

Some of activities preferred by visitors may include inherent risks and or danger such as Mountain Climbing, Water sports, Nature/Bush Walks, Chimpanzee Tracking Excursions and many more the list is too long. NAT DMC or her third-party supplier/partners take significant reasonable care and precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of the visitors.

We expect all our visitors to exercise due care and common sense and at all time follow the advice and instruction from their Guides. NAT DMC does not accept any responsibility nor can it be held responsible for any physical, mental or bodily injury, harm or death that may occur as a result of the client’s undertaking or participating in any such activities provided by either us or our partner and or a supplier.

We recommend our Clients to enroll themselves with Travel Health Insurance which can be accommodated by us through AMREF Flying Doctors in case of emergency/

Travel Insurance/ AMREF Flying Doctors Insurance Cover

We strongly advise all our Clients to obtain Travel Insurance prior to their arrival. In the event the Clients will need our service, we are able to provide medical evacuation insurance via AMREF Flaying Doctors at their costs in which the cover will last for only 30 days  from the day of arrival. We are a legally registered member of AMREF and once our Clients connect with AMREF then they will enjoy medical evacuation anywhere in Tanzania to recommended Hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya in the event of an emergency.

Governing Law

Our Booking Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.