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Zanzibar Islands (Pemba & Unguja)

While at Zanzibar spiced Island for your premier holiday, you will get what you need most with the blue-sky color, white sands and the luminous beaches. Our full excursion program consisting of tailored excursions basing on client interests which will be supported by skilled and experienced guides aiming to cover every aspect of interest.

No matter you are looking for a world class scuba diving or the ultimate relaxation on the peaceful crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean, you will all get in Zanzibar the moment you set your foot and by then you will understand the truly definition of Paradise Island from historic tours of Stone Town exploring the architecture alongside the aromas of mixed spices, to luxurious accommodation at the heart of Nungwi.

We take a lot of pride in showing guests our beautiful island, full of history, exciting boat trips and mysterious culture which is guaranteed by the standards, quality and expertise of our certified guides by ZATOGA (Zanzibar Tour Guides Association).

The Stone Town and its buildings are full of history and ancient stories on Zanzibar. Guests will visit the Cathedral, Slave Markets, the Sultans Palace, Tip Tip’s House, the Old Arabic Fort, the fruit and vegetable market, Forodhani Park and the famous Zanzibar Doors in the petite streets. We offer a tour of Stone Town that can be combined with other activities such as Spice Farm (Stone Town served on Spices), Prison Island (Prisoners of Stone Town), Jozani Forest & Butterfly Centre (Zanzibar’s nature and its Capital) and Sunset Cruise. It all depends on the guest’s preference.

The Prison Island gets its name from the prison which was built on it in 1893. It was never actually used as a prison but rather as a quarantine hospital. After a 30min boat ride with a beautiful view of Stone Town’s skyline, guests will meet the contemporary inhabitants of the island and the giant tortoises which were banned from the city of Stone Town that are over 200 years old. We offer Prison Island as a tour that can be combined with a tour of Stone Town – the Prisoners of Stone Town.

A tour of one of Zanzibar’s Spice Farms is a must to do on the island. During a walking tour through the farm, guests will be shown and explained each and every spice one can find in Zanzibar. After being fully packed with knowledge, our guests get time to buy spices, soaps and cremes which are all handmade by the community within the farm and can enjoy a traditional weaving class. We offer this tour in combination with Stone Town (Stone Town served on Spices) or Jozani Forest & Butterfly Centre (Fauna and Flora served on Spices).

he Jozani Forest & Butterfly Centre: During a guided tour through the Jozani National Park, Guests will see different species of monkeys, impressive trees and plants. Also they will uncover the magical world of the Zanzibari mangroves while walking along the wooden trail. This tour is combined with a visit to the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and see them flying in close proximity. We offer this tour including local lunch in combination with Stone Town (Zanzibar’s Nature and its capital), Spice Farm (Fauna and Flora served on Spices), The Rock Restaurant (Fauna and Flora served on the Rock) or the Seaweed Centre in Paje (Zanzibar’s nature and community).