Great Wildness Migration

Each year, almost two million wildebeest and 20,000 plains game migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti to the south of Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of lush grazing grounds and life-giving water. This treacherous journey is dictated by the seasons and where the rains are, the wildebeest are not far behind. This epic journey from north to south spans almost 3000 kilometers and is virtually endless.

This great spectacle of nature is an iconic safari option for avid travelers, nature lovers and those who want a little more from their African experience. Rather than having a start or end point, the Great Migration moves metrically in a clockwise direction, making herd tracking unpredictable. Choose from our existing safari packages or tailor-make your own journey according to your budget.

The intense predator activity doesn’t only happen during the calving season or the river crossing. All year-round, the Serengeti is filled with predators being stealth, waiting for an opportunity to go for a kill. It’s your chance to have all of these unfold before your very eyes and not just watch it on TV or YouTube.

Aside from being able to see a lot of cute baby wildebeests, you will also have a chance to see a lot of game. Of course, where there are vulnerable babies, there will be lots of predators lurking around. You will also see protective mothers and adult wildebeests guarding the babies as well as cubs being trained to go for a kill and a lot of opportunistic predators like lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas creeping in. There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience such an event.