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Kitulo National Park

Southern Circuit - Tanzania


About the park

Kitulo is where plant lovers come as close to paradise as they can get. Welcome to Bustani ya Mungu – The Garden of God, also dubbed the Serengeti of Flowers. And rightfully so. More than 350 different vascular plants make this one of the world’s ultimate floral displays. Make sure to witness it in the rainy season, when the spectacle is in full bloom.

Yes, some small yet hardly mountain reebuck and eland still roam the open grassland. And yes, you hear the shrieks of Angola pied colobus and blue monkey emanating form the forest. Even the endangered Kipunji monkey – Africa’s first new species of monkey for over 20 years – has been discovered in the area, together with a very tiny forest-dwelling bush-baby. Yet Kitulo isn’t the kind of park to visit for your game spotters’ list; it is a botanist and hiker’s dream, with a floral diversity that can be overwhelming.

Wild flowers display peak during the rainy season between December and April excellent time for botanists, while the sunnier months of September to November are more comfortable for hiking but less rewarding to botanists. Conditions are cold and foggy from June to August. Accommodation is available in Mbeya town.

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