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Photography & Filming Safaris

Tanzania National Park

Northern, Southern, Western and Coastal Area

Tanzania is rare glimpse of the raw beauty of nature. With its prolific and diverse wildlife plus its impressive landscapes, Tanzania is truly a photographer’s heaven. 

Imagine being able to capture moments during the Great Migration. With action happening anywhere, every snap of that camera will surely be mind-blowing. Whether you are an avid instagrammed who loves revving up his feed or a professional travel photographer who is taking on a wildlife project in Tanzania safari or even just a regular tourist with a camera, your photos will surely be astrophysical.

Approximately between June and November months of each year, the northern circuit of Tanzania gets very little rainfall, hence becoming dry. During this season, the grass eventually turns golden brown and available water sources dry up forcing the animals move into the areas where there is abundant water supply. 

The heards of Wildebeest, Zebra, Antelope and Gazelle that roam the northern Serengeti are pushed north and east, and cross the Mara river into Kenya. A segment of this population remains in the Grumeti region year-round and another unrelated group pours into Tarangire National Park along with thousands of Elephant in search of water

We exclusively reserve Tanzania safari for photographic package for you according to the seasons, climate and wildlife movement. The photographic programs are set in a way to give our guests a pleasant time out as long as it takes to unlimited game viewing opportunities and get off beaten track and professional safari photos, often leaving early in the morning and staying out as late as possible.

NAT – DMC will visit extensively to those areas which attracts masses of herbivores and the endangered predators.

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