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Mkomazi National Park

Northern Circuit - Tanzania


About the park

Mkomazi is a suprisingly little known natural treasure and a welcome stepping stone between the Northern Safari Circuit and the East Coast. You become immersed in the vast beauty surrounding you perched below the lush Usambara and Pare Eastern Arc Mountains, while catching a glimpse of snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro in the distance. Here, wildlife is not about quantity, but about quality.

Mkomazi National Park lies south of the arid Sahel zone and shares a large stretch of border with Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Although its name derives from the Pare tribe’s word for ‘scoop of water’, the park serves as a grazing zone for mammals from dryer adjacent areas. All residential Flora and Fauna are remarkably well adapted to drought. Characteristic for this are the many mighty baobabs, while half of the plant species are endemic.

The number of mammals isn’t as high as in the more famous parks – particularly in the dry season the plains are too arid for big herds of grazers – yet the variety is remarkable. Elephants feel equally at home here as in the bordering Tsavo. Together with other migratory species, such as zebra, girrafe, hartebeest, kongoni, buffalo and eland, you can spot them all over the park. Mkomazi will undoubtedly treat you to a truly special sighting of rare wildlife species. It is the only area in Tanzania where spotting generuk, oryx and lesser kudu, is just a matter of little patience. What’s more, Mkomazi is a refuge for the endagered black rhino and wild dog. Two conservation projects are booking promising results: the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary – that resulted in successful breeding – and the Wild Dog Capture and Translocation Programme that successfully released a few dozen dogs into the wild in the last decade.

“Mkomazi will undoubtedly treat you to a truly special sighting of rare wildlife species”

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