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Gombe Stream National Park

Western Circuit - Tanzania


About the park

The ancient forests may look tranquil and serene, but don’t let looks fool you. Underneath the canopy, adventure awaits. 

Home to many marvelous creatures, one stands out in particular. Get ready for a thrilling encounter with our closest genetic relative: chimpanzee.

Gombe is one of the smallest of tanzania’s National Parks and is easily made up by the sheer excitement of meeting its famous inhabitants. It was Jane Goodall the world reknown conservationist that gave the fully habituated chimpanzees their celebrity status. 

Her behavioural research program started over half a century ago and is the oldest of its kind in the world, running until this day. Gombe is a heaven for researchers, in part due to the large group sizes, with the Kasekela group of at least 40 chimps being the largest.



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