Climbing Gears for Safety

Special gears and equipment are needed while climbing and trekking for mountains in Tanzania. However, it is the responsibilities of the Climber (s) to come over with their own gears otherwise we will need to rent for them at an extra cost (s).

The summarized lists below are among the most needed for your safety while climbing the mountain:

Gear Quantity Gear Quantity
Sunglass 1 Head Light Touch 1
Sun Hat 1 Warm Hat 1
Warm Jacket 1 Warm Layer 1
Poncho 1 Balaclava 1
Trekking Pant 1 Top Fleece 1
Mountain Boots 1 Ski Gloves 2
Long Underwear 1 Ski Pant 1
Scarf 1 Rain Pant 1
Thin Socks 2 Thick Socks 3
Walking Poles 1 Tennis Shoe 1
Day Pack 1 Duffel Bag 1
Warm Gloves 2 Gators 1