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Bagamoyo Town

Eastern Circuit - Tanzania


About the town

Tourist attractions include the Kaole ruins dating back to the 12th century thought to mark one of the earliest contacts of Islam with Africa; the Old Fort built in 1860 for holding slaves for shipment to Zanzibar; the first Roman Catholic Church in East Africa built around 1868 used as a base to run a camp of about 650 freed slaves; the German colonial administration headquarters, the Boma, in the first capital of German East Africa; the Mission Museum displaying history of Bagamoyo; and the Livingstone Memorial Church among others. Bagamoyo white sand beaches are considered some of the finest on the whole of the East African coast.

 BAGAMOYO will offer you the following tours:

Bagamoyo Stone Town tour, Bagamoyo Biking tours, Kaole ruins tour, Crocodiles farm tour, Visits to Caravan serai Museum, Visits to Catholic Old church & Museum, Mangrove forest tour, Fish with local fishermen, Marine tours, Visit Ngome kongwe, Visit to the Old port, Fish market tour, The white sand beach, Explore Coral reefVisit Slave prisonVisit Art market, Traditional Swahili Massage, Hair braiding, Cultural celebrations and events, Swahili traditional weddings, Swahili music performances and Traditional dances, Swahili music band entertainments and also Swahili traditional games,


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